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Modern Wellness Incapability:
The Balance of 8 Trace Elements?

In the past, general knowledge to the body needs were only five kinds of nutrients: protein, vitamins, fats, minerals and carbohydrates. With the modernization and development of science, the wellness researchers has discovered that there are actually even more important nutrients which are the 8 micro elements.

As early as 90’s, the experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) discovered the concept of essential trace elements for the human body. Essential components, if the body lacks these essential trace elements, it will cause damage to one or some important functions of the human body. The expert committee classified iron (Fe), iodine (I), zinc (Zn), selenium (Se), copper (Cu), molybdenum (Mo), chromium (Cr), and cobalt (Co) as the most important to the human body 8 essential trace elements. One of the very key importantance is:

That these 8 elements account for a very small proportion in the human body. However, their role is huge and indispensable. There is scientific findings that are directly related to the deficiency or excess of these 8 major trace elements.

Meiziya TCM researchers verified that the human body can automatically adjust these trace elements

After further discussions, the team of medical advisory group made out of 43 experts from all over the world came to the following conclusions:

As long as the functions of the human body are in a healthy and balanced state, each major organ will automatically adjust the necessary trace elements in the body to the most suitable content.

The advisory group emphasized that based on the recommended intake of 8 essential trace elements (the minimum content to maintain human health), and the tolerable maximum intake (exceeding is harmful to the human body), the difference between the two is difficult for Western medicine to treat patients as precision is required in fraction of a few milligrams. Oral trace element (mineral) or products purchased in pharmacies increase the risk of overdosage which can be leathal.

The good new is, that the TCM advisory group co-related that the 12 meridians of the human body is a very shrewd health care system. As long as the qi and blood flow are ensured, each organ can perform its own functions, such as ingesting sufficient nutrients from food and expelling excess nutrients in a precision manner. This also includes trace elements necessary for the human body.

Therefore, as long as your 12 meridians is adjusted, you can ensure that the body automatically absorbs the optimal amount of the 8 essential trace elements.